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Spring 2014 Course Shells Now in Moodle
by Sharon Strauss - Monday, December 2, 2013, 12:10 PM

The new course shells for Spring 2014 courses are now available in Moodle.  Faculty can start building Moodle sites for next semester.  Read on for more help and additional information.

Getting Started

To get started, log onto Moodle.haverford.edu with your email username and email password.


You should see your Spring courses listed, denoted by “.SP14” in the course name. If you open the new course shells (by double-clicking), you will find getting started instructions in the course shell. You can also look at ourMoodle Help web page oremail hc-techlearn@haverford.edu and request a tutorial.


If Your Course Has Multiple Sections . . .

If you teach a course with multiple sections, you have the option of how you want to use Moodle for those sections. You can put materials in a “combined” shell, or use the individual shells. If any sections are taught by other instructors, you may want to talk with each other in deciding which course shells to use. Students will only see the course shells that you make available to them. Please readMoodle Options for Course with Multiple Sections: Combined Courses for details.


Cross-listed Courses

If you have a cross-listed course, put your materials in the primary section. If you are unsure which section is the primary, check with the registrar.


To Copy Materials  . . .

You can import content from previous courses using the Import link in the course Administration block.



Please contact Instructional Technology Services in IITS  (hc-techlearn@haverford.edu), library reserves (reserves@haverford.edu), or your subject librarian.